AI Voice Based
Fatigue Prediction

“We take Risk Management to a new level increasing worker and driver safety”

Smart Fatigue Prediction App

The WOMBATT Fatigue Management system offers a predictive solution with AI voice analysis predicting fatigue up to 5 hours in advance!

By analysing the voice for specific fatigue elements and changes in an individual’s voice patterns, the system can identify signs of fatigue and provide the early warning to the individual and the organisation’s management team. This predictive characteristic can help prevent accidents and improve worker and driver safety by allowing intervention time. This can be a powernap or swapping out to less dangerous jobs preventing fatigue from taking control of the situation. 

With the WOMBATT-VOZ system’s predictive voice analysis, organisations can ensure a safer and more productive work environment for their workers. 

The Technology

Scientifically validated WOMBATT-VOZ’s AI algorithm accurately predicts fatigue levels by analysing the voice muscles. It achieved up to 90% accuracy during the 2014 trials with astronauts and passed the comprehensive ESA Factory Acceptance Test in 2020. The system predicts fatigue risks up to 5 hours in advance making it a perfect standalone system and complimentary to existing fatigue detection solutions and any fatigue risk management system in place. The system has also been designed to be suitable for onboard computers and has integration features for passenger cars’ onboard AI systems. 

The technology analyses an 8 second recording and predicts the fatigue risk in a matter of seconds. Results are then shown on the user’s device, and alerts are sent to any organisation’s own fatigue risk team via e-mail or an SMS.    

An 8 second WOMBATT-VOZ voice recording

Integrate Sleep Data from your smart watch

We offer an additional feature in which Smart Watch data can be automatically linked with WOMBATT data to accurately record and manage sleep patterns.

We often think we sleep enough hours, by going to bed on time and waking up at set times. however, how well you sleep is not visible in this self set schedule. By linking your sleep data you will gain more useful insight into what caused your sleep debt, raising awareness for what causes your personal fatigue. 

The best cure for fatigue is sleep, and the more tools you have to guide you the better it gets!


Comprehensive and customizable cloud reporting system

An essential tool in managing fatigue is having the right data to work with

Our system is fully integrable with most journey management, operations management and mine dispatch systems. making it easy to implement into existing workflows. The cloud based system provides real-time reporting, which allows organisations to monitor the fatigue levels in their workforce accurately and effectively. Tailor the reports to meet the specific needs for your organisation’s own fatigue risk management. 

The WOMBATT-VOZ system is designed to be compliant with the following regulations and industry standards:

curious to know your Fatigue Risk?

Download our app from the App Store, Google Play or try it out right here online! 

Our demo user code will provide you with a fatigue risk by analysing your voice and comparing it with that of the general population. It takes a few more recordings for the system to get to know you better and to develop your personal voice model. Once the AI knows you better it will compare your voice recording with how your voice normally sounds at any particular time of the day, producing a highly accurate prediction of your immediate and near future fatigue risk status. 

The WOMBATT AI works similarly to how we humans can hear fatigue in the voices of those we know very well, but less accurately for people we do not know so well.  “You sound tired” is a comment we have all heard from people we know very well. WOMBATT-VOZ works the same way in order to keep you safe at work on a long journey. 



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