‘Our goal is zero incidents due to fatigue’

24/7 monitoring keeping tired travellers safe!

The unique patented WOMBATT anti-fatigue programme for the mining industry, road transport industry and with our latest technologies now also the aviation industry, has been designed to keep operators, drivers, pilots and operational ground staff safe from fatigue related incidents on the job. WOMBATT offers a variety of proven services which are fully customizable for what the customers need. We offer fatigue detection monitoring as well as fatigue prediction monitoring 24/7 365 days a year. Depending on the service we can provide daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports per route, per project and even per monitored employee.

Fatigue – The Problem

Driver fatigue accounts for more than 60% of all fatalities in the mining industry, WOMBATT is the solution to maintaining fatigue levels in the work environment. Training client personnel is the key factor to successfully eliminating fatigue!

“Even the most remote places on the planet are within our reach”

WOMBATT uses technologies that allow for the most cost effective and most efficient data collecting possibilites by switching between the WiFi network near the base, the GSM network when in range and the Satellite when there is no GSM network available. Your drivers will never be out of sight for longer than 1 minute!

Mining – Wombat

Anti-Fatigue monitoring for haul truck operators and machinery operators. We are currently successfully using state of the art fatigue prediction technology. Preventing fatigue from even entering the mine gates!

Transport – Condor

Fleet Control and Fatigue monitoring for drivers on long haul road transport. Monitoring driver behaviour, fuel consumption, route control, speeding and fatigue detection or prediction.


Voice recognition monitoring. Detects the current level of fatigue, stress and changes in behaviour by building a model of each individual’s voice. The ultimate solution for fatigue prevention and detection in the aviation industry. Suitable for all industries. Individual voice statistic reports provided.


WOMBATT is just as much a teaching and training organisation as it is a technical organisation. Because fatigue is a human condition, reaching zero incidents requires constant training and education at all levels of the mining company organisation, from senior management change management, supervisors’ understanding of fatigue and how to prevent dangerous fatigue from developing in the workplace, stakeholder involvement, driver training in fatigue, fatigue systems, protocols and procedures, and spouse training and empowerment.

Spouse and Family Training

One of the WOMBATT Training classes who succesfully completed the first phase of the Spouse and Family training regarding local diet tips to prevent fatigue and improving quality of sleep to ensure their spouse has a safe day on the job!

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Keep your employees safe, reduce costs due to changes in driver behaviour and maintain a ZERO incident policy with one of the WOMBATT anti-fatigue programmes!


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