The Problem:

Fatigue, Alertness and Sleep


Our Solution

Voice Artificial Intelligence
Fatigue Prediction

  • Simple Mobile App
  • 8-second voice recording
  • ≤ 90% accuracy
  • Non-Intrusive
  • No bespoke hardware
  • Online reports
  • Very low subscription cost

Our Advantage

Simple mobile App

Complementary with other fatigue  detection technologies and systems.
Operates in the background.
Applicable to any industry.

No Hardware

WOMBATT-VOZ does not require specific devices for its operation unlike the rest of the technologies that exist in the market (cameras, bands, caps, lenses, etc.)

High Accuracy

WOMBATT-VOZ accuracy of up to 90% in predicting fatigue is achieved due to the use of Voice based Artificial Intelligence and proven in ESA laboratory tests with Mars 500 project astronauts.

Very Low Cost

No bespoke equipment investment. WOMBATT-VOZ uses exclusively “off the shelf ” hardware.

The Technology

WOMBATT is a forward-looking AI fatigue prediction technology using voice analysis, with voice data recorded and transmitted to the cloud, or a local server inside a corporate firewall, by any Android, Apple or Windows 10 mobile phone, tablet, or computer

As WOMBATT uses artificial intelligence to analyze multiple voice muscles, accuracy once the algorithm learns the individual’s own voice characteristics is up to 90% in ESA astronaut tests and predicts the risk of a fatigue event occurring up to 5 hours ahead

WOMBATT is perfectly suited for use with onboard tablet computers for the road transport industry and can be fully integrated into a passenger car’s onboard voice artificial intelligence system such as Cerence and iFlyTek

WOMBATT analyzes any 8 second voice audio recording sent to an artificial intelligence algorithm, which then takes approximately another 5 seconds depending on transmission speeds to predict the level of fatigue of the user and return the result to the users device, and in the event of an alert, an SMS and/or email to the supervisor

Voice Muscles
An 8 second WOMBATT-VOZ voice recording

The Financial and Human Cost of Fatigue

Fatigue in Mining:

Average mine worldwide has a fatal fatigue accident once every
5 years, each costing an average of $US 15 million, or $ 3 million per year per mine,

Fatigue in Industry:

"Employers with 1,000 employees could incur losses of more than
$1 million per year due to employee fatigue"
National Safety Council.

Fatigue on the Road:

260 thousand people die on the world’s roads each year due to fatigue.

Non Intrusive

As WOMBATT operates in the background, the system does not intrude on users and is very popular with drivers and supervisors

Comprehensive and Customizable Cloud Reporting System

Fully integrable with most operations management and mine dispatch systems

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