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WOMBATT strives to make the workplace safer for everyone by making sure fatigue is no longer the hidden threat to safety, and with that preventing fatigue related accidents. 

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AI gives Workers the Voice to Monitor Fatigue

Mining Business Africa's article on WOMBATT-VOZ Read the article Our latest innovation, WOMBATT-VOZ, is a testament to our commitment to enhancing safety and efficiency in the mining sector. We are excited to share an insightful article discussing the revolutionary capabilities of WOMBATT-VOZ in fatigue prediction and management.Titled "AI gives workers the voice to monitor fatigue," this article explores how WOMBATT-VOZ leverages cutting-edge...

Cerro de Pasco leads with new tech in Fatigue Management

Throwback Thursday: November 2014, Cerro de Pasco leads the world - again Going through the archives of WOMBATT we came across an interesting article written by WOMBATT's CEO, Jean Verhardt, which talks about the foundation of our company and how a city in Peru has become a part in pioneering fatigue management by using space technology. And to intrigue you with some...

Fatigue in Young Drivers: Safety Insights

Driving Change: Tackling Fatigue in Young Drivers for a Safer Workplace Ready to explore the latest scientific insights on fatigue and its potential to transform our approach to this issue? In our examination of fatigue-related accidents, it's evident that a significant portion involves young drivers, prompting the European Union to initiate in-depth studies. Moreover, a recent survey by the National Sleep Foundation...

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White Paper - Fatigue Prevention at Sea

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