Wombat LOGO Real-time Haul Truck Fatigue Monitoring

“Even the most remote places on earth are always within our reach keeping tired travellers safe!” – CEO, WOMBATT

The WOMBATT Cloud Server service allows global mining companies to keep track of the real time fatigue status of their haul truck drivers from a central location. Global/Local structure means that fatigue monitors interact with drivers in drivers’ own local languages, while delivering real time driver fatigue data and regular reports to the customer at mine level, regional level and global level.

WOMBATT takes the fatigue data detected and delivered to the cloud by third party systems. The data is transmitted in real time to the local WOMBATT fatigue monitoring centre.

WOMBATT fatigue monitors interact in real time with mine operational personnel according to a strict protocol. Real time intervention action is then taken to prevent operators from being at risk of incidents due to fatigue or sleepiness on the job.

Besides the protocols and monitoring we provide operators, families and management training to reinforce the anti fatigue programme.

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Our purpose: zero fatigue incidents
Adam Fletcher’s five stage model of maturity for managing mining operator fatigue

ZERO Fatigue incidents

Doesn’t consider that human fatigue is an issue that needs to be managed
Not aware of the true complexity of fatigue-related risks or appropriate solutions
Implement a range of risk treatments in a way that is uncoordinated & poorly assessed
Includes rule-based limits and all elements of the Risk Management cycle in a sustainable system
Internal data shows that fatigue management is good for business in multiple dimensions

Remote Monitoring Centre

  • Screen based monitoring system
  • Real time operator fatigue scores
  • Real time truck movement and position
  • Full audit trail
  • Data recorded for diagnostic analysis
  • Registration of data from the vehicles and from the correspondent in the mine

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