WOMBATT Training

Teaching operators, drivers, ground staff and management consequences of fatigue and how to handle developing fatigue!

WOMBATT is just as much a teaching and training organisation as it is a technical organisation. Because fatigue is a human condition, reaching zero incidents requires constant training and education at all levels of the mining company organisation, from senior management change management, supervisors’ understanding of fatigue and how to prevent dangerous fatigue from developing in the workplace, stakeholder involvement, driver training in fatigue, fatigue systems, protocols and procedures, and spouse training and empowerment.

Fatigue Training

Lifestyle and fatigue training helping operators prevent fatigue by handeling local diet, exercise and quality of sleep

Operators and Dispatch

WOMBATT trains operators and dispatchers the dangers of fatigue, how to detect the signs of fatigue and how to prevent it by looking at local diet, exercise and overal lifestyle adaptations to shift work to stay healthy and safe on the job

System Training

Our training that explains the protocols of the service and how to act accordingly.

Protocols, the system and use of hardware

Looking at the protocols and systems we explain to operators and dispatch how the system works and how we are monitoring their fatigue keeping them safe and their role in the service.

Spouse Training

Providing the spouses of operators a lifestyle training based on local customs

Preventing fatigue starts at home

WOMBATT trains the spouses shift diets according to the local customs and how they can help to keep their spouses safe from fatigue at work.

Change Management

By offering the Change Management training the prevention of fatigue is just a small step away

Making the service work

We train management about the dangers of fatigue and how to detect the signs of fatigue and preventing them from occurring. Changes in the canteen, protocol changes are all part of completing the service.