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Welcome to our social wombattfatigue community, we’re glad our website or socials account has caught your attention. 

The wombattfatigue socials page are designed to give you what you need to make a difference at home. We’ll be posting great recipe and snack ideas for during your shift or when you arrive back home and preparing to wind down. We’ll also make sure to share some sleep and other lifestyle tips with you and we’re looking more than forward to also hearing from you too. Let us know any questions you might have and together with our team of experts we’ll combine them into our next post!

We recently joined Instagram to reach out to a broader audience and are setting up our blog. WOMBATT specializes in fatigue training and reducing the risk of a fatigue related incident for companies which you can read more about on our home page, and we have also developed our own app which predicts fatigue risks up to 5 hours ahead! However the fatigue responsibility is a human and very personal factor which in fact starts at home. 

Sleep debt – the personal loan from our body

Lack of sleep results in fatigue, and with that our sleep debt will start to accumulate every time we choose to sleep for example 1 hour less than we should. It’s like a personal loan from our bodies which if we don’t pay our debt off by offering our body more sleep, will result in an immediate consequence. Our body will temporarily shut down and go into a microsleep. 25% of all fatal road accidents worldwide are due to fatigue, it’s not just accidents caused by professional drivers but also quite often fatigue related accidents occur close to home, most actually occur on the commute from work back home. 

Feeling tired and fatigued during the day or your shift is very restraining on our personal lives too, when we come home from a long day of work or when it’s our day off we want to be able to spend it properly feeling fit and happy. Here’s how to achieve that goal : sleep well and maintain a healthy diet that will help your body get through the week.

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