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Who We Are

WOMBATT Fatigue Management started as a participant in the European Space Agency Business Incubation Initiative at ESA’s ESTEC facility in Noordwijk, the Netherlands and a contractor in ESA’s business applications programme, commercializing cutting edge Space technology.

The WOMBATT-VOZ artificial intelligence voice based fatigue prediction technology is simply amazing – with an 8 seconds or less voice recording using any mobile phone or other device, the highly advanced artificial intelligence can predict the risk of a person suffering a fatigue event such as a microsleep up to 5 hours ahead, and with up to 90% accuracy once the algorithm learns the users individual voice characteristics.

The user has full agency so both workers and unions support this method of predicting fatigue. Customers for the new technology so far are in mining, steel mills, and road transport with exciting future applications predicting and managing the fatigue of passenger car drivers, health care workers, pilots and air traffic controllers among many other applications.


What the customer says

"I believe it is the only system on the market that is a predictive tool for identifying fatigue before it leads to an incident. Which then teaches the user to become the predictor and ultimately make changes to their lifestyle and create better habits to prevent fatigue events. Once this happens, you are then able to optimize time and resources to work with leading indicators vs. time and resources chasing lagging indicators and not solving the root problem. The root problem in my opinion is operators not fully understanding what is inhibiting proper rest or how much they truly need, or partially a suboptimal schedule that could be changed"

Mine Operations Manager

North American Gold Mine

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