Condor Fleet tracking service by WOMBATT

tracking and monitoring driving behaviour via satellite, GSM or WiFi, Your fleet is always visible 24/7  to our local language speaking monitors. Condor has a number of tracking options that can be customised to client needs!

Condor: Fleet tracking – Video Analysis and Driver Behaviour – Driver Fatigue Monitoring

Condor fleet tracking always has 100% coverage track your fleet via Satellite, GSM or WiFi according to your preferences and to gain ultimate coverage for your fleet. We provide customized reports to customer needs and the option for 24/7 monitoring of our remote monitoring office. Condor has 4 options which have mix and match properties to build the right service for your company!

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  • 100% coverage even in the most remote places on earth
  • SOS Panic button in case of an emergency
  • Satellite / cellular 2 way communications
  • Video backed driver tracking
  • Dynamic reporting of road conditions
  • Comprehensive client designed management reports
  • High accuracy driver behaviour monitoring e.g. What side of the double lines is the bus on?
  • Detailed video reviews to change driver behaviour
  • Intensive driver/family training
  • Driver fatigue monitoring and control
  • Monitoring service English and Spanish
  • ESA links
WOMBATT Tracking

We provide the following Condor services with mix and match properties for the ultimate client based programme

Condor Basic

The Condor cloud stores reports in the cloud system where information about each journey is real time and always completely up to the minute
Condor Basic is a world class GNSS vehicle, boat, aircraft and personnel tracking service. The Condor Basic cloud shows the real time position, speed and direction of all of your mobile field assets, together with key diagnostic data such as fuel usage, speed and driver behaviour. Field asset data is transmitted to the cloud using cellular GSM services. Also when it becomes time for you to intervene proactively in changing driver behaviour, then cellular communication with your field asset is essential.

Condor Video

Nothing is as effective in the driver training room than to show an actual video of the drivers own performance in the field.
You need to know what is happening to your field assets even though they are out of sight. With video analysis, Condor records and analyses every kilometer that your asset travels, and keeps a complete video record of each journey. This is essential when the time comes to change poor driving behavior by your drivers. 

Condor Satellite

This service complements Condor Basic and is supported by one of the most complete ranges of satellite communications equipment available on the market.
Sometimes, your field assets leave the world of cellular networks and venture out into areas where satellite is the only means of communication. Condor ensures that two way communications from the field to the base are always maintained with the use of the main commercial satellite communications systems such as Iridium, Inmarsat and Globalstar.

Condor Fatigue

Around 20% of all European traffic accidents are caused by drowsy drivers, so preventing fatigued driving is the number one way to keep your drivers and their passengers safe and prevent damage to you field assets.
One of the key issues faced by long distance drivers is fatigue. WOMBATT is a recognized expert in monitoring and controlling driver and operator fatigue. On board prediction and detection of driver drowsiness and fatigue, transmitted in real time via cellular or satellite communications to a centrally located WOMBATT fatigue monitoring centre, manned 24/7, ensures that drowsy or fatigued drivers are identified in real time and action is taken immediately to swap them out from behind the wheel. 

Remote Regions Driver Fatigue Monitoring via Satellite

On many  remote roads far away from any cellular connection, satellite is the only way to monitor the fatigue, sleepiness and distraction of long distance drivers. WOMBATT can connect most on board fatigue detection systems to our central driver fatigue monitoring centre by satellite, so that wherever your drivers are on the planet, WOMBATT can see them and monitor their fatigue and driver behaviour via satellite in real time.

For example (see below), EyeAlert is a driver fatigue detection system which works by unobtrusively monitoring the eyes and face of the driver for signs of fatigue or lack of attention to the road.

When a driver becomes drowsy or sleepy, EyeAlert sounds an alarm in the cabin, plus sending an alert message to the central monitoring centre via the local cellular network, or if a cellular signal is not available, via the satellite. The device also transmits a photo of the driver’s face to the monitoring centre every time a fatigue or distraction alert is triggered.

If you don’t need a Condor system

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